About Us

Over dinner one night, in the late days of 2018, a discussion was shared concerning the current state of contracting to the Australian Federal Government. We need not bore you with the intricate musings as the outcome is the same. We thought we could do it better, we thought we could provide an authentic contracting experience with a low overhead. Thus Jayllira Pty Ltd was born, being a combination of Jay and Allira, Gavin’s (our Director) kids, and commonly translated as ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ in some Indigenous Australian languages.

We began trading under Saldare (latin for ‘worth one’s salt’) and we set about creating a company that delivered true value for contractors. A strong advocate of indigenous culture, Gavin endeavored to put forward a company grounded in a mindset that respects the lands upon which we meet, and values its kin regardless of background. As such, Saldare’s guiding principles are forthright integrity, tolerance and understanding and humanistic engagement. Our appreciation of our culture, combined with our fierce work ethic and esteemed experience means that we can bring advantages to our projects to a degree and in a manner that others can’t.

Basically, regardless of whether you are a contractor, an SME or a government department – we can do the job cheaper and better than others. We can help you complete the work others can’t, with new and innovative ways and perspectives. Furthermore, by relying on our decades of experience, we can show prospective contractors the ropes of working in government.

Send us an email if you would like to inquire about how we can bring value to your next role if you are a contractor, your next contract if you are an SME, or your next project if you represent the government.

We Care

Saldare is a certified indigenous IT consultancy company, recognised by Supply Nation as majority Indigenous owned and led. We are a company that prides ourselves on our diversity, in terms of indigenous, POC, female and LGBTQIA+ representation. Our company is created within a cooperative model, with all employees being valued and appreciated. The familial sense of community is strong within our workforce, emphasising the ideals of shared knowledge. Saldare is a pivot point for cultural respect within the IT community and the government, passionate about raising mental health awareness and environmentally conservative projects. 

Meet the Team

Our Director

Gavin Brewer is a proud Gamilaraay man of Moree, located in northern New South Wales on the banks of the Mehi River. He is proud of his lineage through his paternal grandmother’s mob, and endeavours to bring the values of community and tolerance, as well as passion and appreciation of his culture and this land, into the company as its founder. Growing up in La Perouse, and moving south to Rec Bay, Gavin has matured in predominantly indigenous areas, and intends to be able to give back to the places he has lived in meaningfully. With his background in mental health and his specialised Nursing degree, Gavin hopes to bring such understandings into the industry of IT. He attended the first Indigenous Mental Health Conference in 1993, and has sat on the Board for Women’s Refuge in Cooma. In 2000, Gavin was awarded the NSW Premier’s Commendation for Project Management. Gavin believes in the cooperative models for this organisation, and envisions a workplace of diversity and mental wellness.  

Marketing & Communications Officer

Christiana Olalere is a recent university graduate, majoring in marketing management. Nigerian by birth, Christiana (or Chris) enjoys bringing elements of her culture into her work and storytelling. She is an avid writer, artist, and creative. In her work, Chris aims to manage captivating social media profiles and implement marketing plans/policies to increase engagement and clientele. The bulk of her experience involves conducting social media audits, developing marketing plans, building and managing her clients’ presence on various online platforms, and creating user-friendly websites. She has a passion for social issues, diversity, and environmental sustainability.

In her free time, you can find Chris at the cinema, cooking a healthy meal, or in bed with a book.